We specialize in providing tools  and fixture design services utilizing the concept of feature based modeling which lets you access simulation applications. It can help you in visually analyzing production processes.

We can design injection and thermo form mould designs for some customers. Mould flow analysis  can also be done for these specific tools as per customer need.

We have also worked for weld fixtures for Sub assemblies, full assemblies and template based weld structures. We verify the 3D model and design based on plate thickness, accessibility of weld gun, heat shrinkage and other critical weld parameters.

The effectiveness, accuracy and quality of your finished product and the retrospective ability to duplicate each and every product with the same geometrical features depends on the design of the corresponding jig or fixture designed for drilling, turning, grinding or any other machining operations on VMC, HMC or any CNC machines.

We can also assist in manufacturing these tool and fixtures through our sourcing channel with a cost advantage.

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