1. Vehicle integration and design of Utility tractor and Orchard tractor for a European company.
  2. IP67 aluminum enclosure design for control system packaging purpose.
  3. Design and proto development for hand held a garden equipment.
  4. Design and analysis of single and double door Refrigerators for European company.
  5. Design and analysis of Vending machine for US based company.
  6. Front hood styling and modelling for a Orchard Tractor for an Indian company.
  7. Automatic pill dispenser machine design for a start-up company.
  8. Micro pill dispenser bottle attachment design for an European company.
  9. Lean racks and assembly table Pipe joint system design for a US based company.
  10. Poultry electric racking machine design for a start-up company.
  11. Electrical system wire harness updation for various Tractor models for a European company.
  12. Wire harness design and cable management for Aerospace control system.
  13. Design CAD automation for a Furniture Manufacturing company.
  14. Tolerance stack-up analysis of a Industrial machine for a US based company.
  15. Road sweeper attachment design for a European based company.
  16. Industrial styling for an Agriculture product.
  17. Hood detail design from class A surface for a off road vehicle product.
  18. Static , dynamic, Modal analysis of various batching plants for a European company.
  19. Vibration analysis of a Garden equipment.
  20. Static , dynamic, Modal analysis of various Long and special purpose Trailer for a European company.

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