Mold flow analysis of plastic and casting part can be done before the tool development.

Mold flow analysis simulates the flow of plastic, which allows you to elevate part and mold design to create products of impeccable quality. It gives you a virtual sneak peek into how your material of choice will fill the mold’s cavities and offers a head’s up on potential problem spots. The benefit is obvious, right? Simulating the process digitally means you can make changes BEFORE A TOOL IS CUT. This one thing is a big cost savings, not to mention a time saver as well. 

Using a selected gate location and material properties, the software is able to predict how the part will fill during molding. Different data points can be assessed, including pressure, fill time and melt temperature. Doing so allows for optimization of the process before tool manufacturing ever begins. 

Similarly mold flow analysis for casting parts would have the similar advantages of tool cost and development time saving.

Designed by: SRESEO