Product design is more challenged than ever before. Customers are more aware of new technology trends. More network connectivity helped for better awareness of new products across the globe, thus creating more demand for a superior product.
The product has to be unique in all propositions, be it be look, feel, style, performance, reliability, or durability. A cost-effective product design has been a challenge, especially in some cost-sensitive markets.
Frugal engineering, VAVE, and should costing have been helping the designers to come up with a feasible design that can be used for making a cost-effective sellable product.
Our associates are experienced in should costing working with several OEMs and suppliers. This is also an add-on advantage to have reliable and cost-efficient suppliers for our clients.
Our engineering capabilities with a team of highly motivated engineers and state-of-the-art infrastructure enables us to support our customers across the entire product development life cycle and take to market products faster at a lower cost.

Our working experience with various commodity such as Sheet metal, plastic, cast iron, rubber , aluminium and with several critical manufacturing process such as forming, bending, moulding, casting , extrusion etc gives an advantage to work on multi disciplinary machines.
We also follow hand calculation and CAE methodology to verify our designs. From kinematic analysis to various other structural design, off the shelf component sizing are done during the machine design.
We also follow various ISO and international standards while designing these machines.

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